My name is Nathan Boehm.
This is my website.

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General Info:

This is a timeline of my entire life. It contains every project I've created, every event that has happened, and everything else I considered noteworthy. I created it to commemorate my 18th birthday. I built the code for everything myself, and it's entirely open source. Documentation for developers can be found further down this page.


Everything before 1/18/2023 was recorded via my own memory. Some dates before then might not be accurate.

For Developers:

You can use as much of this code as you want. While not necessary, it would be nice if you credit me in a code comment or something.

The code works by reading a js file containing each event in a list. The one used for this timeline can be found here. IMPORTANT: Each entry in the list must be sorted by the earliest to latest "date" attribute. If the "end" attribute is blank, the entry will appear as a circle on the timeline. If the attribute is a date, the entry will appear as a rectangle between the two dates. If the attribute is "Now", the entry will appear as a rectangle spanning all the way to the current date, with a gradient appearing after that.